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An Update on Transdermal Melatonin Use, Sleep Challenges and Jet Lag

Ask a frequent flyer about melatonin and you will probably be met with mixed reviews. While the melatonin website offers a long list of contra-indications (1) users still find it useful to a point. It now looks like the less is more dictum of using melatonin will replace the excessive use of the past. Research is now suggesting that low dose melatonin delivered via the skin (2) may better serve those with sleep challenges including jet lagged frequent flyers.The jet lag problem faced by frequent flyers was never going to be cured by melatonin alone. Flyers looking for a consummate solution should look at all aspects of their frequent flying lifestyle, however a review of the current research suggests melatonin can play a healthy role in the arsenal of tools at the disposal of frequent flye

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Career Advice

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – O Is For Observant

Do you want to achieve greater success in your career? Do you question some of the assignments you take on and do they really help you get ahead? Do you view other people and wonder what they are doing to move up the corporate ladder that maybe you should be doing?Truly successful people are always studying others in order to comprehend what behaviors, personality traits, etc. they possess. By doing this, it enables them to ascertain why some people are considered for more senior roles and/or more lucrative and visible projects while others are not. This is critical because many people can have the same skill set but what sets them apart is how they deal with such things as handling challenges, developing solutions, engaging others, and creating and implementing strategies. It is also impe

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