Benefits of Action Learning

What is Action Learning?What is the last class or training you can remember taking? Did it happen to be a lecture that made you feel drained afterward? Well, action learning is a tool that instructors can use to create an energizing training or class for participants.Action learning techniques can be used individually, as a team, in a small group setting, or within an organization. Action learning can be conducted one on one, in person at a physical location, or online. Using this method of teaching can aid in the education of an individual because it uses audio, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning styles to develop successful strategies.What are the key elements of Action Learning?The Key elements of action learning can be a combination of any or all of the items listed below:a. Pro

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Why You Should Consider Hiring Virtual Employees

What strikes in your mind when you hear the word, virtual employee? An employee working for you from miles away seems nothing more than a humbug. It can be quite challenging for employers to judge the dedication and desire of the remote worker they are considering to hire.Virtual employees also termed as remote workers or remote virtual assistants are those who work for your business and provide supportive solutions from a remote location mainly online through internet. It is convenient for entrepreneurs and start-up firms to get the work done without investing in a large office space and managing them.Stats show that there has been 80% increase in remote employment in last decade which clearly proves that businesses are growing and getting streamlined workflow. There are some substantial

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Sales Training

Serious Common Mistakes in a Presentation

There is a serious common mistake made by salespeople during presentations that happens way too often. It involves starting right into the presentation without first establishing a few things. A presentation done properly consists of at least 4 parts.First, establish rapport and a reasonably high level of trust.Second, spend the time to clearly identify the problems and needs of your prospect.Third, give your presentation.The last part is the close itself.These parts are not established in stone somewhere, you must be flexible. Every time you ask a question, your presentation and steps may change just a little, even though the goal is always the same.Let me explain. Your presentation is really an entire closing process. Once you have established some kind of common ground and trust, you be

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