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At 48, I feel a bit old for a career change but so many people do it. I've read tons of articles and columns of how happy people are by eschewing corporate America, buying a cheap van, fixing it up, and hitting the road. Many of those stories don't give enough detail on how these "travelers" actually pay for all this which is why I call BS on most them. But a bit of legwork finds that they had plenty of money in savings of one sort or another and, really, living in a van is a hell of a lot cheaper than a mortgage. These travelers discovered themselves and realized what makes them happy. Most literally moved into industries they've always wanted, ie information technology (IT), creative, or whatever. A great many of them are close to my age, albeit usually younger, and just roll with it.I'm

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Top Mistakes In Advertising & How To Avoid Them: Part 9 of 10: Giving Up Too Soon

Through the first eight articles, we've talked about opportunities of how to invest your advertising funds. Strategies you can do to make sure you get more out of your media placement.Tracking your messages. Making sure that you get in front of the right audiences and spending smarter, are all powerful tips. I think they will stand you in good stead. I know they've worked for me for countless applications and clients for three decades, so that's the best barometer I can offer.One thing that I have found in a number of clients is their hesitancy to revisit a previous media. Because they haven't done the necessary testing and because they have bailed too soon to really see if a campaign is working.This is why I implore you to please take the time to test and measure because your campaign doe

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